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Open House! Thursday, May 25, 2023 at 6:30 pm.

Fencing teaches discipline, hard work, self-respect, and goal setting in a safe and healthy environment.


Like most of you know, our own Linus Rastegar after 12 years of learning foil fencing at Cracovia under my direction and completing high school moved to his native country Austria to continue his fantastic fencing path.

He is living in Vienna and dedicated his time only to fencing for the last eight months: daily private lessons with Austrian Olympic Coach Evgeni Pickman! conditioning, lifts, bouting, and competing around Europe (well… I miss that part)

Here is the latest news: last weekend Linus took the bronze medal at Austrian Junior Championship!
He got enough points to make the top 10 in Austria in seniors and qualify for the Grand Prix in Shanghai, China. Linus received an invitation from the Chinese Fencing Federation to
train at the Olympic Training Facility in Peking a few days before the
Grand Prix in Shanghai. BRAVO!



 Thank you to Meredith Barak ! NBC 15.COM by Meredith Barak

One Madison woman is aiming to share her passion for the sport of fencing, just in time for the Summer Olympics in Rio!

Thank you to Laura Kocum Writer-Marketing for your time and interest in Olympic Sport Foil Fencing Cracovia…and for a fantastic article about us!

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Cracovia Olympic Foil Fencing School has a new Home!

New Address: 622 Struck Street Madison, WI 53719  

New phone number: 608-424-5596crac1017


Gorgeous, two-story, just renovated 2400 square feet facility! Excellent West site of Madison location, beautiful light fixtures, boasting high ceiling in fencing area, Wi-Fi, big lobby, changing and armory room, private restroom, and more…!

Location 622 Struck Street Madison WI 53719.sr3

Cracovia is dedicated to promoting the wonderful sport of foil fencing. Fencing can be looked at as a life-long recreation skill that provides an individual with relaxation, fellowship, enjoyment, and refreshment of body, mind, and spirit.

Celebrating fair play, challenge, respect and fun since 1997. We offer group instruction, club, private lessons, and summer programs for ages 9 and up. Cracovia welcomes fencers of all experience levels. We encourage both women and men to give this sport a try. Check the Lessons and Club page for current classes and membership in Madison. Cracovia also reaches out to promote foil fencing throughout the area, and has offered classes in Mount Horeb since 2003 and in Sun Prairie since 2006. Check here for Mount Horeb classes and here for Sun Prairie classes. We have offered summer programs since the founding of the school in 1997 and plan to continue that fine tradition.