FOUNDER and HEAD COACH Mgr. ( Master in Law, UMCS Lublin, Poland ) KRYSTYNA KOSTECKA. Mgr. KOSTECKA started practicing fencing at age 13 in Poland. All her fencing skills she mastered under direction Olympic Fencing Coach Leszek Stawicki .

Law School experience and next 5 years practicing in law never deterred her from fencing. She emigrated to USA in 1990. In 1997 Krystyna opened Cracovia School of Foil Fencing.

Her rules : Fair Play , Challenge…and Fun.

Respect is of the utmost importance to Krystyna, period .

Krystyna is always seeking to help each student grow as a fencer and a person. Fencing is her passion and sharing excitement and energy has always been her goal.IM002527

In private, Her favorite food is pork chops with mashed potatoes , also she never says “no” to dark chocolate!

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For more about Krystyna and Cracovia, read this WSJ article from 2001.